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TS-LKD, the leading centre-right party in Lithuania, faced a setback in the 2016 election despite its ‘A New Plan for Lithuania’ message.

Struggling to move from third place in the rankings, the challenge was to swiftly develop a new political communication strategy targeting diverse audiences – both loyal senior voters and the youth.

Positive Impact

The ‘A New Plan for Lithuania’ message primarily focused on the party itself, lacking emphasis on the benefits for voters and a clear explanation of how their expectations are planned to be met.

We took two crucial steps: pointing out and addressing voters’ attitudes and expectations, and highlighting the party’s significant achievements over 30 years, such as joining NATO and the EU and effectively managing economic crises.

To connect with both older and younger generations, we crafted a brief documentary, stirring nostalgia in the elders and tapping into the trendy 90s to engage the youth. The dual meaning of the new slogan ‘More Good Deeds for Lithuania’ resonated with both generations, pledging not only more valuable accomplishments for Lithuania but also offering more attractive work positions to address emigration issues.

Contrary to the belief that young people aren’t interested in politics, 30% of viewers watched the one-minute YouTube video to the end. TS-LKD achieved its highest vote count in history, securing victory in the multi-member constituency.

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