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TS-LKD is the leading centre-right party that has managed most of the national crises in Lithuania.

For the 2016 election campaign, the party’s chosen message was ‘A New Plan for Lithuania’. However, six months later, communication polls showed that the party was failing to rise from third place in the party rankings.

The challenge was to develop and implement a new political communication strategy in a very short timeframe, while also reaching very different audiences – both loyal older voters and young people.

Positive outcome

The message of ‘A New Plan for Lithuania’ was mostly speaking of the party itself, without underlining the benefits for voters and explaining how their expectations are planned to be met.

We first analysed voters’ attitudes and expectations and identified important deeds the TS-LKD party had done for Lithuania, influencing the lives of different generations: joining NATO and the EU, managing the economic crisis, etc.

We created a short documentary video that reminded voters of the party’s most important achievements over the past 30 years, and made a reasonable promise of ‘More Good Deeds for Lithuania’. The documentary footage evoked nostalgia in the older generation and aroused the youth’s interest in the trendy 90s. The double meaning of the new slogan met the expectations of both generations, promising more good deeds for Lithuania and more spaces to do good work.

30% of all people who viewed the one-minute-long clip on YouTube watched till the very end, dispelling the myth that young people do not care about politics. TS-LKD got the largest number of votes in the history of its existence and won a victory in the multi-member constituency.

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