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NØRDIKA, a smaller mall with fewer big-name stores compared to larger city malls, faced the challenge of attracting a consistent stream of shoppers and winning their loyalty. Our goal was to transform the mall’s limitations into strengths and uncover a value that surpassed mere purchases.

Positive Impact

Research uncovered that parents dedicate just 7 minutes of uninterrupted attention to their children daily. While other malls promote shopping as a way to spend free time with family, our approach for NØRDIKA was the opposite.

Despite its size, NØRDIKA houses essential stores for leisure and home. We encouraged customers to shop quickly and efficiently, allowing them to use the saved time for meaningful moments outside the mall with loved ones — be it children, friends, or pets. Additionally, we advocated for mindfully choosing goods that enhance this leisure time.

NØRDIKA transformed into a destination for purposeful shopping, resulting in a notable 15% increase in customer flow.

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