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NØRDIKA is a small shopping mall that does have some large stores with popular brands on the shelves, but far fewer than the country’s big malls.

How can one attract more shoppers and win their love?

We set ourselves the challenge of turning the mall’s weaknesses into strengths and discovering a value that is more important than the purchases themselves.


Research shows that parents give their children an average of just 7 minutes of uninterrupted attention per day.

While other shopping malls invite people to spend as much of their free time as possible shopping, we suggested that NØRDIKA do the opposite.

Despite being small, NØRDIKA has essential stores for leisure and home. Therefore, we invited people to shop quicker and spend the time they save on themselves and their loved ones – children, friends, pets, etc. Additionally, we encouraged them to consciously choose their purchases as a means to spend their leisure time in a more meaningful way. Thus, NØRDIKA became a centre for meaningful shopping. As a result, customer flow increased by 15%.

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