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Neste, the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel has built its image as a low price fuel provider in Lithuanian market. Sustainability message was not considered because of a fear it will be relevant to a very narrow audience. 

We took a challenge to strengthen the brand by reaching a broader audience and building a community of loyal customers based on shared sustainability values.




Brand purpose
Social responsibility or sustainability path
Internal/external communications strategy


Positive impact

Neste produces cleaner diesel and enables customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  We turned this fact into a personal benefit of every citizen. If you use cleaner fuel, you breathe cleaner air and you have cleaner lungs.

The message was relevant to every driver, their family members and even the ones who don’t have a vehicle but breathe city air.

All the drivers were encouraged to contribute by choosing cleaner fuel for the sake of healthier lungs.

The new positioning has helped Neste build an invincible competitive advantage, a community of loyal customers and move its image from discounter to a value based brand.

Animacija pasirinkta tikslingai – kad vaizdo klipą žmonės mielai žiūrėtų socialiniuose tinkluose, prieš filmus ar rodytų vaikams prieš miegą, idant jie pamėgtų daržoves.

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