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The largest greenhouses in the Baltics aim not only to reduce the amount of vegetables thrown away every day (guided by the zero waste initiative), but also to contribute to curbing environmental pollution. The company was the first on the market to start packing lettuce in packages with less plastic and to move away from plastic pots.

We see packaging as a powerful means of marketing medium, not just an exterior design of a product meant to catch the buyer’s eye. Therefore, we set ourselves the goal to design a lettuce packaging that would not only reinforce changes in buying behaviour, but also shape new, more sustainable habits of food consumption.

Positive impact

We opted for illustrations as the most appealing storytelling tool to make our product stand out among competitors and deliver the message about environment-friendly packaging right from the shelves.

The packaging went beyond being just informational; it became a tool for interacting with consumers and promoting sustainable behavior. The illustrations inspired people to replant the lettuce scraps and grow new ones. Social media soon filled with pictures and videos of regrown lettuces, spreading the message even further.

The new lettuce packaging empowered people to champion the zero-waste cause by sharing their own homegrown salad stories.

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