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The largest greenhouses in the Baltics have also become the most modern after renovation. Thus, the time came to uplift the brand that was created in the 90s.

Alongside the brand relaunch, we set out to find a way for Kietaviškių to successfully compete with sellers of much cheaper imported vegetables.

Positive outcome

Surveys show that freshness is the most important factor for shoppers when choosing vegetables. However, they do not know how imported vegetables stay fresh for so long. Meanwhile, Kietaviškių can guarantee that their vegetables arrive on the shelves the same day they are picked and are naturally fresh without any additives.

This gave birth to the promise of ‘Naturally Fresh Vegetables’, along with the special labelling on the packaging ‘No additives for freshness’.

Despite the latest technology, the quality of Kietaviškių vegetables firstly depends on the dedicated care of the loyal employees who grow them. That is why we used artist-drawn illustrations, puppet animation and handwritten fonts to create a brand image that reflects the meticulous handiwork and the genuine love for one’s work.

We created an animated video that went beyond advertisement: it toured international animation festivals and was nominated for awards. The hand-crafted puppet characters of a bumblebee and a gardener tell the story of Kietaviškių care for vegetables, as if they were grown by a single gardener.

The style of the tale was chosen very consciously, making it enjoyable to watch on social media, cinemas or showing it to children at bedtime, thus instilling in them a fondness for vegetables.

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