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Gintarinė is one of the largest pharmacy chains in Lithuania and the only one using a unique Scandinavian drug compatibility system. This system helps to identify which medicines are compatible when taken together and which combinations can be dangerous to health.

A previous advertising campaign featuring famous people did not achieve its objectives: people did not understand the concept of ‘drug compatibility’.

We set out to broaden the pharmacy’s target audience and make the system of combining medicines relevant and understandable to everyone.


The message became more relevant to a wider target audience when we suggested to talk not only about the combinations of different medicines, but also about their compatibility with food.

Recognisable daily situations of taking medicines in non-recommended ways made it easier to understand the importance of knowing how to combine medicines with each other as well as with our meals.

The successful advertising campaign increased the awareness of the drug compatibility service by 11%, while the attribution of this service to Gintarinė Pharmacy doubled to 48%.

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