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Audimas is one of the oldest Lithuanian brands of leisure and sportswear, and the one with the highest brand awareness. It’s mostly chosen by the older generation who feel nostalgic for the brand that was popular in the 90s.

Every year Audimas creates a national clothing collection for athletes and sports fans.

We set ourselves a challenge to find a value that connects people living in Lithuania and to expand Audimas’ target audience.

Positive outcome

The national collection has so far been dedicated to athletes representing Lithuania abroad. Could everyone living in Lithuania become a representative of this country?

Every one of us, no matter what we do, creates Lithuania with our thoughts and actions. That’s why we wanted the clothes in this collection to remind us of this, becoming a symbol of our communality, and to inspire everyone to do good deeds.

The emblematic words of the Lithuanian national anthem, VARDAN TOS (in the name of her [Lithuania]), have become the name of the new collection, for which we created a logo to be used on the labels and in the patterns of the garments. A certificate sewn into each garment reminds the wearer that they are contributing to the creation of Lithuania with their work, actions and deeds.

Higher brand purpose became an inspiration for a project focusing on good works: Audimas rewarded people who helped to reduce the impact of the pandemic.

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